Ryan is a musician from Moncton, New Brunswick. He has a passion to see God glorified and people transformed through music.

Graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Worship Arts at Kingswood University, he studied with a focus on Pastoral Leadership, Theology, as well as Music Theory and Production.

His responsibility at the Bridge is to advance and grow the Worship Arts Department. He also works with lighting, sound, audio, and visuals at the Bridge and keeps things operational from a technical standpoint. Working with technology, software, and overall, planning and communication are major parts of his job.

Throughout Ryan’s childhood, he was frequently exposed to guitar and music. He is a classically trained guitarist taking private lessons from age 4 consistently to present time. He has toured with many bands, played for many live productions, events, and enjoys writing and recording music in his free time in the studio. Technology and music has always been a fascination of his, and he always loves to learn and try new things.

The art of business has always been a virtue taught to Ryan from a very early age. He has a lot of experience working with his Dad’s businesses that specialize in supplying plants, fertilizer, hydro-seed, as well as many other products in the Maritimes commercially. His whole family including his mother, sister, and cousins also work for the company.

He is married to his lovely wife Hope, they both enjoy tea, games, and books. A passion of theirs is people, and they want them to thrive and encounter God for who He is. Joy would be a common expression of theirs, wanting themselves as well as others to always be growing into who they were meant to be, no matter what stage of life they’re in.