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Current Serving Opportunities

All Tech Positions Available

We’re looking for individuals who would like to work behind the scenes to help make our services the best they can be by operating lights, pro-presenter, livestream audio and video and more. Sign Up below!

Lead Volunteer Building Operator

We are looking for a volunteer building operator to join our team and assist with the upkeep of our church facility. This volunteer will be responsible for leading a team of volunteers within the church to complete various handiwork tasks.

Our Dream Teams

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Family Ministry Team

Are you someone who strives to see kids have fun at church? Or maybe you're enjoy hanging out and engaging with students? Our hope is that by investing time in the next generation we will help them discover their faith in Jesus. Our Family Ministry team is committed to making it fun, making it true and making it stick when it comes to our exciting faith-based experiences for our kids and students at The Bridge.

Guest Experience Team

Are you passionate about serving others and making them feel welcome? Do you enjoy connecting with others digitally through chat? Our Guest Experience team makes sure that we offer a warm and comfortable environment in-person and online while also ensuring a state the art service experience.

Band and Tech Team

Do you enjoy experiencing God through song, music, or running tech behind the scenes? The Band and Tech Team looks after every detail of our Sunday services with precision and intentionality. Lights, livestream, sound, song - If any of these four things get you hyped, this team awaits you!

Operations Team

Our building is a huge part of someone's first impression of our church. If you're handy with tools and are able to help with minor repairs, paint work, landscaping and more we'd love to have you on our building operations team. We also have a digital operations team for those who love to be behind the camera or editing photos and video. Whether you're helping with the physical front door or digital front door, there's a place for you here!

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Volunteer Roles

Family Ministry Roles

BRIDGE KIDS (Infants to Grade 5)

Role: Check-in Desk
About: Looking for bright and bubbly people to welcome new families to Bridge Kids and help their families get checked into the kids wing. Needs to be comfortable using a computer.

Time commitment: 1 -4 hours a month*

Role: Nursery Toddlers or Preschool
About: Looking for people with who have a love of watching children grow and encourage authentic faith. Create a place of belonging by leading the group in Bible story activities and fun play time.

Time commitment: 1 -4 hours a month*

Role: Circle Host (Grades 1-5)
About: To become a primary role model for a small group of approximately 6-8 children and to encourage their spiritual growth through relationships, play and other circle activities.

Time commitment: 1 -4 hours a month*


Role: Circle Leader (Middle School/High School)
About: To become a primary role model for a small group of approximately 6-8 Students and to encourage their spiritual growth through relationships and circle activities. Support the Student Pastor in ministry activities and games.
Time commitment: 2-3 hours a week*

*based on how often you’d like to serve

Guest Experience Roles

Role: Cafe Attendant
About: Our Cafe attendants, aka Bridge Baristas, are responsible for keeping coffee brewed and flowing for all of our guests at church. This includes filling canteens at the cafe and micro-cafe in the lobby, ensuring cups and fixings are fully stocked, and on occasion putting out alternate beverages and snacks.
Time commitment: 2 -4 hours a month*

Role: Greeter
About: Looking for individuals welcome, shake hands and help all guests feel at home as they enter our doors. You’re the first face they’ll see as they come in, so don’t forget to smile!
Time commitment: 2 -4 hours a month*

Role: New Guest Kiosk Attendant
About: In addition to greeter responsibilities, we encourage you to tell new folks about our church, answer questions they may have or redirect them to staff and offer them a free gift!
Time commitment: 2 -4 hours a month*

*depending on how frequently you wish to volunteer

Band and Tech Team Roles


Role: Band Member (guitar, bass, keys, drums, vocals)
About: We’re looking for individuals with experience playing any of the instruments above to help glorify our amazing God by leading our church in 3-4 songs on a Sunday Morning. Some experience required. We will offer you an audition date after you register.
Time commitment: approx. 1.5 hrs on Wednesdays for practice and 5+ hours on Sunday for service, plus home practice.

Role: Front of House Audio
About: If you’ve got an ear for sound, we are looking for individuals to run mix our band audio and adjust levels as needed to offer an exemplary soundscape in our auditorium.
Time commitment: approx. 1.5 hrs on Wednesdays for practice and 5+ hours on Sunday for service.

Role: In-Ear Audio Mixer
About: Our band uses in-ear monitors to hear click tracks and cues as well as their own personal mix of instruments to help boost their performance and stay on time. Your role is to ensure each members’ mix is to their liking and that the right tracks are going through to their monitors.
Time commitment: approx. 1.5 hrs on Wednesdays for practice and 5+ hours on Sunday for service.


Operations Team Roles


Team: Operations
Role: General Repairs/Handiwork
About: On occasion we need some help to do minor repairs to walls, plumbing, electrical, and other general handiwork at church. Needs to be comfortable using tools and have a general understanding of how to complete repairs safely. We can provide materials but need individuals to carry out the tasks.
Time commitment: varies – as needed.

Role: Landscaper/Gardener
About: We have several beautiful gardens around the church and we’re looking for individuals to love and care for our garden beds over the spring/summer season. Responsibilities would be to weed your assigned garden, prune/dead head flowers and bushes and keep the garden looking fresh.
Time commitment: seasonal up to 1 hr per week as needed.


Role: Social Content Creator
About: If you’ve got a phone with a camera and know how to use it, we’d love to have you in this role. We’re looking for individuals to capture photos and vertical video content for use on social media as static posts, reels and stories. We will provide you with a link to upload your content so that we can use it on our social media.
Time commitment: varies – as little as a few minutes per week.

Role: Social Reel Editor
About: Using DaVinci Resolve or your preferred video editing app, help us to convert Scott’s 30-45 min message into a 90 second clip. We can help guide and coach you through finding the important parts of the message to piece together. We would also love your assistance in the creation of other church reels.
Time commitment: 2-4 hours per week as needed.

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Volunteer Lead Roles

Lead Volunteer Building Operator

Lead Volunteer Building Operator

We are looking for a volunteer building operator to join our team and assist with the upkeep of our church facility. You will be responsible for the following:

  • Perform routine inspections in the church and on the property to help identify repair and maintenance related tasks
  • Perform or delegate minor repairs to other volunteers or trusted contractors
  • On occasion, help coordinate preventive maintenance of the building systems and equipment.
  • You will also respond to requests and issues from the staff and the users of the building.

To be a successful volunteer building operator, you should have some basic knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Basic handiwork and tool usage
  • Carpentry is an asset

We are looking for an individual who is reliable, flexible, and willing to learn new things. You should be able to work independently or as part of a team, and follow safety rules and regulations.

As a volunteer building operator, you will have the opportunity to contribute to our mission and vision here at The Bridge, and make a positive impact on our church community. In addition to gaining valuable experience, serving on our operations team is an excellent way to develop your own personal ministry and grow your relationship with God by serving others.

If you are interested in this volunteer position, please email Angela Boelsma at