Community Garden

In 2023, during our annual Love Week, members of our church community came together to create this beautiful shared space where people can not only grow food for their families, but also give back to the community in a big way. All fees raised from our garden bed rentals are given to our local missions partner, The Kanata Food Cupboard.

Garden Map

Current Season Rental

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost to rent a garden bed for the season?

The cost is $50 for the season. The season runs from the May long weekend to Thanksgiving weekend in October.

When can I come use the garden?

You’re welcome to visit the garden at any time. Please note that the area is not well lit for gardening in the evening. We would recommend visiting the garden in daylight.

Is there water on-site to water my garden?

Yes, we will have a large tank of water on site for you to use. Our staff will check on it periodically if there is no rain to ensure there’s water there to use. Please do not hookup a hose to the water tank, instead use the watering cans provided in the shed.

Do I need to provide my own gardening tools?

You’re welcome to bring your own tools and store them in the shed. Please make sure that you label your own items. We are not responsible for any loss or damage to the items.

We will also have a small selection of tools available for you to use. Please return them to the shed once you’re done with them.

Is there storage on site for me to keep some tools?

Yes there is a shed on site where you can store some of your items. We recommend you store them in a labelled container. Please note that this is a shared shed and other gardeners will have access to this toolshed. Please be mindful of other people’s items and of what you keep in there.

What am I allowed to grow here?

We encourage you to grow fruits and veggies in our garden boxes. Marigolds may also be planted to help draw pollinators to the garden.

Growing cannabis is prohibited. Any cannabis found in the community garden will be removed and the garden bed leased will terminated without refund.

What size are the garden beds?

The garden beds are 2″ by 4’10”.