About Us

Our Vision

We desire to be a church that builds irresistible bridges between unchurched people and Jesus Christ.

Our Mission

We seek to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our Values

Irrational Generosity

What does love require of me?
Love requires me to be a contributor not a consumer.

Battle Mediocrity

Am I allowing what is good to stand in the way of what could be great?
While I may not achieve perfection, “Good enough is not good enough.”

Choose Circles

Am I investing in relationships where I am fully known and fully loved?
I will invest in a few relationships with those who share the desire to be like Jesus.

Comfortably Uncomfortable

Am I willing to sacrifice my personal preferences for the sake of someone else?
Even if it means not doing things I personally value, I am willing to see us do things no one else is doing to reach people no one else is reaching.

Authentic Storytelling

Will the truth of my yesterday help impact someone else’s tomorrow?
My story may just be what someone needs to hear in order to see Jesus and their circumstance in a new way.

Unapologetic Fun

Do my attitudes and actions reflect the joy found in a relationship with Jesus?
Fun provides me common ground to build upon when the need comes for deeper sharing.